Music Venues

Everyone has a different opinion on what makes a good venue for a gig. Good or bad, it is important for all venues to manage sounds levels carefully – they are responsible to both their staff and their neighbours. Although it might seem like an overwhelming task, it doesn’t have to be.


Musicians are a special breed. They create incredible sounds that have the power to impact body and soul, whether that’s sending us to the dance floor or moving us to tears. Not too surprisingly, research has also shown that musicians, as a group, have pretty special ears.

Sound Engineers

Sound engineers, also called audio engineers or sound technicians, are central to the delivery of sound at any venue. These engineers have the overall responsibility for sound at a gig, from placement and position of speakers to amplification and manipulation of music being played.

Having too much of a good thing?


Our ears are built to hear all sorts of sounds, from the quietest breath to the loudest AC/DC concert.

But too much can leave a lasting impact on your ears. This type of damage is cumulative, listening to sounds too LOUD, too LONG, too OFTEN poses a very real risk of permanent, irreversible damage to your hearing.

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