Audio engineers x audiologist - HEARsmart
September 2016

Audio engineers and audiologist – a perfect match

Jason Ridgway from Hearservice tests the hearing of an audio engineer.

Another weekend jaunt led the HEARsmart team to the first ever Melbourne Audio Trade Show, held at SAE Creative Media Institute in South Melbourne. The show bought together big audio software and hardware manufacturers and sellers to show off their latest goods. We were delighted that it also had space for representatives from associated industries such as HEARsmart, Mute Audio, Music Victoria, Tom Larkin’s studio in the city and the Future Music Industry Network too.

A great combination of talks and lectures and some pretty fantastic gear at the trade show ensured an enthusiastic crowd throughout the day. HEARsmart partnered with Hearservice again to get some additional audiology professionals on site, and by half way through the day our free hearing screenings were completely booked out. Next year we’ll bring more along to meet demand!

“It was a really fun day – we met some great people and were pleased that so many of the attendees were genuinely interested in how best to look after their hearing health” said Jane Sewell, HEARsmart Manager. “And it doesn’t end there, by talking to audio engineers, many of whom may end up working in the live space, we really hope this interest will promote more responsible service of sound in venues of the future too.”

The show coincided with the beginning of trimester for new SAE students and gave a great opportunity for the exhibitors to promote their educational pricing. It was also open to the public and completely free so anyone interested in the audio area could walk in.

Gareth Parton, Audio Department Co-ordinator said “considering this was the first time we ran the event, we had a great turnout of audio professionals, musicians and students. A perfect opportunity for them to network and discuss the big audio topics of the day, including their hearing…we look forward to running the show again next year.”