Take Action To Prevent Hearing Loss

It’s actually very simple to look after your hearing, and as with all things, prevention is better than cure. Here are some ideas.

When you’re listening to headphones:

1: Use good quality, well-fitting headphones

Choose a set of quality headphones or earbuds that are comfortable and fit your ears well. If you use headphones while commuting, consider noise-cancelling headphones or earbuds to cut out background sound. Not only will you appreciate the sound quality, you’ll find you won’t have to turn up the volume to listen to your favourite tracks.

2: Set a limit

Set your device’s volume limiter to around 80%. Most devices can put out over 100 dB so avoid turning it up all the way.

3: Take regular breaks

Take regular breaks to give your ears a rest! Leave the headphones at home every now and then or listen to a podcast instead of your usual playlist. We all need a rest now and then, and your ears are no exception!

When you are out and about:

1: Get smart with your phone

Download a sound level app to find out how loud a venue is and how long it’s safe to listen.

2: Avoid the source of the sound

Stay away from where it’s the loudest. At a club or a gig, it’s right near the speakers so find a spot that’s not too close.

3: Let your friends know if it’s too loud

When it feels like it’s getting too loud, let your friends know about it – chances are they are thinking exactly the same thing!

4: Plug it

Wear some form of hearing protection. There are a variety of different types of earplugs and earmuffs If you are a musician or at gigs every other week, think about custom-fitted or filtered earplugs that preserve the quality of the music, but drop the volume to a safer level.



Remember noise injury is the only type of hearing loss that is completely preventable. Understand the hazards, take simple steps to minimise your exposure and you can protect your hearing for life.