Brunswick Music Festival - HEARsmart
March 2016:

Brunswick Music Festival

SydneyOn the weekend, HEARsmart joined forces with Vicdeaf and had a spot at the Brunswick Music Festival – Sydney Road Street Party. The hot weather was a perfect match for the fiesta that delivered fantastic local music, dance and food, all jam-packed along an 800 metre stretch of Melbourne’s vibrant inner north.

Armed with free foam- and filtered-ear plugs, the HEARsmart team chatted to interested festival goers about their hearing and options for protecting it.

Dr Jane Sewell HEARsmart Co-Manager said it was great to be at the street party and meet people who were really engaged with music and the festive feeling of the day.


Jane Sewell (middle) with the Vicdeaf team Jason Ridgeway (left) and Seray Lim (right).

“It was encouraging to see that a lot of people actually recognised their hearing wasn’t as good as it used to be and were worried about what that meant for their long-term hearing health – they just weren’t sure what they should do next, and we could help them with that. It was great that HEARsmart and Vicdeaf were on hand to answer their questions.”

Vicdeaf were great festival companions and with a number of strings to their bow, they were offering a range of information including:

  • Reduced price hearing screening through hearservice, who also had various hearing protectors on sale;
  • Senswide jobseeker services for people with sensory loss, LGBTI people with disability, mental health problems; and
  • Auslan training and services – see below for their great poster ‘Auslan for Hipsters’.



Click on the image above to have your own Auslan for Hipsters poster.

See you next year Sydney Road!