Crescendo DJ - HEARsmart

Crescendo DJ

Cost: High
Noise Reduction: Medium
Overall Score: 4.5
Comfort: 4.4
Appearance: 4.2
Sound Quality: 4.5
Conversation: 4.4
Website: Visit Website
Storage Case: Yes
Keyring Attachment: Yes
Detachable Neck Cord: No
Size Options: S and M eartips provided in the pack. XS and L sizes are available from manufacturer upon request
Colour Options: black with white filter
User Comments:
  • "Comfortable for long periods of time, sound is very good on them. They do pull out a bit of ear wax and get dirty but overall very nice to use."
  • "These ear plugs are really easy to fit into your ear, they are really comfortable and really enhance the musical experience, keeping out all the racket that you don't want to hear while watching a band."
  • "Well-fitting earplugs that don't impact on music clarity, but take away that wince you feel when things are a bit too loud."