Elacin Music ER20 - HEARsmart

Elacin Music ER20

Cost: Medium
Noise Reduction: High
Overall Score: 3.9
Comfort: 3.7
Appearance: 3.4
Sound Quality: 4.1
Conversation: 4.4
Website: Visit Website
Storage Case: Yes
Keyring Attachment: No
Detachable Neck Cord: Yes
Size Options: available in 2 sizes: small, medium
Colour Options: blue plug/clear grip or white plug/clear grip
User Comments:
  • "Very good comfort, takes vigorous movement to knock out. Sound quality is good, with the exception of a fair amount of high end dampening."
  • "These earplugs do a sound job of reducing noise levels while still allowing me to talk to people and be able to hear conversations. While visible, they are subtle in appearance and you can wear them while being discreet. String for around your neck is handy to have and keep them on so they don't get lost. I would recommend them to people working in the music industry at a bar or box office."
  • "A bit obtrusive, but fit well and do the job."