Funding to help reduce neighborhood noise - HEARsmart
June 2016:

Funding to help reduce neighborhood noise

Good news for venues – good music neighbours grants are now available to better manage sound attenuation in live music venues.

Although the initiative is primarily aimed at reducing emission of sound that can impact neighbours, HEARsmart is delighted to see the availability of any funding for venues to help manage their sound. The grant applications are being looked after by Music Victoria and there’s a nice set of guidelines available to explain the program too.

The first round is closing in July 2016 and it seems that opportunities to apply will come round annually after that. Better management of sound is of great interest to HEARsmart and if you are a venue owner and want to talk to us about your application, and how measures you take to minimse release of sound may also be used to improve sound quality and levels inside your venue – we’d be delighted to see if we can help. Contacts us at hearsmart ‘at’