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Nov 2014:

Grimes bugged out by tinnitus

grimes wiki image
Claire Boucher (aka Grimes).

Late last  year, Canadian electronic artist Grimes (aka Claire Boucher) announced she had to cancel some concerts due to her struggle with tinnitus. This revelation has provided some food for thought in the music industry about the hearing health issues associated with regular exposure to loud music.

Pitchfork’s Molly Beauchemin was prompted to write a whole article earlier this year about her insights into the issue of hearing loss in the music industry. Her article made mention of musicians with hearing loss and how dangerously loud music levels can get at concerts.

Overall, Molly’s article provides a great insight into the problem – particularly the confirmation that excessive volume levels occur frequently at music venues. The article also recommends that music lovers wear earplugs to help reduce the impact of  loud sounds on their ears.

Molly ends by suggesting there seems to be some cultural resistance to wearing earplugs at clubs and bars. A barrier that needs to be overcome so the hearing loss risks associated with frequent loud music exposure at entertainment venues can be managed by the patrons themselves.