Image of dancers at a nightclubNightclubs often play music at super loud volumes to get the dance floor going. If you go clubbing often, you could be really risking your hearing or putting yourself at much greater risk of getting tinnitus.

When our researchers at the National Acoustic Laboratories (who also did the Binge Listening report) went clubbing they found that noise levels in nightclubs can range from 91 to 106 decibels, averaging out at around 98 decibels. Because people often go clubbing into the wee small hours, they can rapidly accumulate a serious noise exposure. If you were to spend 5 hours in a nightclub where the noise level was 98 dB, your total noise exposure would be more than 12 times the daily exposure limit allowed in Australian workplaces!

This sort of exposure can significantly increase the risk of developing of a hearing loss or tinnitus in the future.