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Leisure Noise and Hearing

Seminars in Hearing is one of the foremost journals in the field of hearing research and in November 2017 they released a Special Edition on Leisure Noise and Hearing, a topic close to our collective HEARsmart heart.

Dr Elizabeth Beach, HEARsmart Manager, spent many hours working as Guest Editor on this particular publication. The edition covers a wide range of topics from understanding why people enjoy loud sound, to the risks associated with listening to risks associated with personal listening devices. “It’s great to have this collection of high quality research gathered together to increase understanding and inform decision making in this important area” said Dr Beach. “We’re increasing our understanding in this space all the time, and the challenge that lies ahead is using this knowledge to change behavior so that we can prevent future generations from developing noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus – which we know is almost entirely preventable!”