March 2016:

New study shows live music is good for your health and well being

concertA new study released by Australia’s Live Music Office shows that both punters and venues believe that live music contributes to improving an individual’s health and well-being.

The Live Music Office has worked together closely with the University of Tasmania, City of Sydney, City of Melbourne and the South Australian Government to determine the economic and cultural value of Australia’s live music industry.

The study showed that for every dollar spent in the live music industry, there is three dollars of benefit returned to the wider community – it also picked up this wider value around overall health and wellbeing for the individual.

The intrinsic value of live music suggests there is also an associated value in maintaining good hearing health for the long-term so both audience members and indeed the industry as a whole can reap the benefits.

There are some simple ACTIONS that anyone can make to try and avoid developing a long term hearing loss, tinnitus or sound sensitivities.

Enjoy the music and feel good!