Mack's Hear Plugs - HEARsmart

Mack’s Hear Plugs

Cost: Med-High
Noise Reduction: Low
Overall Score: 3.9
Comfort: 4
Appearance: 4.4
Sound Quality: 3.5
Conversation: 3.1
Website: Visit Website
Storage Case: Yes
Keyring Attachment: Yes
Detachable Neck Cord: No
Size Options: 2 sizes provided in pack: S, M
Colour Options: clear with white filter
User Comments:
  • "Things sounded fine. More importantly, I didn't lose them. The earplugs were solid, easy to apply and hard to lose."
  • "Easy and comfortable to wear. Wholesome sound comes through, whilst holding a distinct feeling of protection for my ear holes."
  • "Able to hear and enjoy music with out the fear of damaging my hearing."