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Smart Phone Apps

There are an ever-increasing number of smartphone apps that can help monitor your exposure to sound. Below are a few of our favourites, but with a growing market for these tools, there are always new ones appearing – our best advice is to keep an eye on the app stores for the latest neat little treats for your phone and ears.

Play It Down

Play It Down is a free application for iPhones and iPods that put your hearing to the test with three useful features:

  • Auto-old My Music – Play a song from your library, then dial up your age to hear how your music sounds to someone 5, 10, 20, even 30 years older than you
  • The Ear Knob – How young are your ears? Turn up The Ear Knob and compare with friends and family to see who can detect the highest frequencies
  • The Volume Zone – What’s louder, the school cafeteria or your dad’s snoring? Measure the volume of everything from concerts to earbuds and find out.

Sound Log

Sound Log is a noise dosimeter app developed by the National Acoustic Laboratories that gives an idea of safe exposure time based on the sound measurement sample.


SoundMeter+ is a virtual sound meter that provides accurate sound levels and noise exposure readings to help prevent hearing loss.

Want More Apps?

For some more pointers on apps, hop across to:

And for a technical review of 10 selected apps, looking at their measurement accuracy, see Evaluation of smartphone sound measurement applications by Chucri A. Kardous and Peter B. Shaw.